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Sergio Flamigni, Patto di omertà.Non era per.Il Mestre ebbe luogo l'attentato mortale contro il gogol bordello folk songs dirigente della Montedison Sergio Gori, che di fatto sarà l'ultima azione BR inserita nel contesto delle grandi fabbriche.Gli scritti di Aldo Moro prigioniero delle Br, Milano, Kaos edizioni, 1997.Via Gradoli..
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Litri di sborra dal cazzo grosso per la signora golosa.Rossa ama farsi scopare nel culo 50 10:00, culo rotto per la bella mora che ama lanale 85 20:32, inculata a bordo piscina mentre succhia il cazzo 57 5:01, tranny, sogno erotico per tutti 91 8:15.Video publicado el dia..
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Prostitute marsala

But here she is, with a frag like thousands of others just like.
The most money to the pr, the vidclips, the ads in glossy mags, the packaging and the mere cents that are left over are for a meh frag.Which proves once again: Dont believe the hype.Never thought I'll say they but I start to get a bit of respect for Britney and Jessica.Several Fragranticians who work in the perfume business have, before me, described that fragrance pyramid of Fame.Coty, the makers, make sure it is made as cheaply and generic as possible.Let's look at the notes.So this will end up soon in the discount bins.So what does Fame really smell like, apart from all the hype, the ads, the image?Some die to be beautiful, some only want to be a beautiful corpse.In the base the sugar dominates, in the middle it is orchid and jasmine, the top is apricot with a whiff of saffron.I doesn't even have the power to stink, the power to shock, the power to be different.The fragrance notes of Fame, please!Gaga says that there are no levels, but in reality: it is built like a classic fruity floral and the notes come out this way.I'll just name them in normal language not in pretentious 'arty farty' Gaga-speak, like Tears of Belladonna, Black Veil of Incense 'Crushed apricot drops of honey'.
But Gaga laughs all the way to the bank.
It is a fragrance not for Little Monsters, as Gaga-fans un deux trois grammaire like to call themselves, but for shy Wallflowers.
That's it, the much hyped 'blood semen, most original and best ever etc' 'Fame.
This is a Pretend Frag a 'Showbiz Frag all illusion, nothing real.We all know it and this proves it once again: the least money for a celeb scent goes to the fragrance itself.With your money in her pocket.What does that revolutionary, ground breaking etc.This smells as black and Lady Gaga in the sense of deep, mysterious, oriental, creative, dirty, shocking as White Linen by Estée Lauder.This is a simple fruity floral with a simple pyramid.