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7 Plus 1, the, hatsan, escort, mP-A takes 71 cartridges, so it is classed as a firearm and requires.
It also has four grooves machined around it for added grip.Either way the MP-A with the fixed cylinder barrel will work with birdshot or slug.If I escort girl treviso could have afforded a new one I would have still have had to fit all the go faster parts to it, making it a very expensive gun indeed.The rear sight has two 10mm long green fibre optic rods, deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elle download one on either side of the 5mm diameter ghost ring.I would fit an optical sight like a red dot for slug competitions such as Timed and Precision One or Multi Target anyway, as I have done already with my Benelli (Coming 11th at the first ever National Target Shotgun Championships last year).For ultra coolness the bottom of the action is just slapped with the hand and the action slams shut instantly.When you cock the gun on an empty action the bolt stays back, at this point a shotgun shell can be placed in the breech, now comes the really cool and mega quick for loading part.
The front sight post can also be removed altogether by undoing a 3mm Allen screw and knocking out a 2mm diameter pin.
You can now get an MP-A 24 71 with an adjustable choke barrel, it has the same front sight with a red fibre optic rod element but no muzzle brake as it is threaded internally for fitting different sized chokes.
The 24 inch fixed choke barrel of the standard MP-A has a removable flash hider, which is 27mm long and has six radial 5mm wide slots.
This is not such a major disadvantage with practical shotgun but I decided to pattern the gun at 15 yards to see what the gun actually produced.
This feature is not available right now.
A muzzle cap or thread protector comes with the shotgun if you do not like the look of a muzzle brake.Please try again later.Pushing this catch in prevents a round from leaving the magazine, it stays in until you push it in and forward, then it springs back out allowing rounds to exit the magazine.The comfortable shooting style of the MP-A may also be due to the stock having the rubber section on the pistol grip and the thick rubber butt pad.To load the gun the bottom loading gate has double bar system so you can load with one hand only without having to push a button in as on the older models.Gas Power, getting to shoot the MP-A I must say it was more pleasant to shoot than my recoil operated Benelli, the only down side to the gas operated.We can not be held responsible for any error it may occur.I also measured the internal diameter at the end of the barrel, removing the flash hider it came in.32mm.721 inches.

Still, enough of my woes and lets get down to what the MP-A is all about, it is a semi-automatic gas operated magazine fed 12 gauge shotgun, for the UK market it has a 24 inch barrel to comply with our gun laws.