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Trois rivieres oman rum

trois rivieres oman rum

TR never did get back to me on my inquiries, so if anyone has better knowledge of the age of this blueangy escort rhum, feel free to share.
Like the. There are no marketing tricks here, no fancy finished in or made this unusual way.We were in the middle of a six hour tasting session and as the hours wore on we kept coming back to this one glass, and by the time it was over, to those flavours we smelled, were added some faint caramel and molasses, vanilla.It's made with sugar cane grown in fields on the south coast of Martinique, very close to the sea, which imparts a subtle coastal kick to the resulting unaged rhum!The mouthfeel somehow also didnt come up to par for something about which I had higher hopes (again, the 1986 tasted in parallel outclassed it) because of a lack of overall body and elegance of texture. But to my mind, a rhum this good (sorry for the spoiler, but you already know the score) is a poster child for why we need the guys pushing great hooch out the door to stop messing about and tell us poor lambs what. An inability to even concede they are worth trying is a profoundly depressing inadequacy, something like saying black and white, silent or subtitled films have no place in the world overrun by remakes, sequels and superhero retreads. The scents and tastes simply grow richer over time.It is the best sub-ten year old rum Ive ever tried.
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It was quite full bodied and intense, and the immediate sensations were of butter cookies with a strawberry jam centre (for the benefit of my friends Henrik and Gregers who were there with me, Ill say they were Danish cinnamon again, black cherries teetering.
And this was not all, because tart (not sweet) red fruit strawberries, red currants and raspberries also made themselves knownI kept asking myself, how old was this thing?
Presentation was a consistent yellow box for these oldies(Ive seen several millèsimes with the same one) with that famous windmill, the year 1975, enclosing a slim bottle with the same info on the labeland surmounted with a tinfoil cap, which struck me as strange, but.
Start building a set.
Since it was a relatively strong rhum, I expected some sharpness at the inception of the taste, and indeed this was there.Hors DAge from Habitation Ste.AOC controlled from Martinique, pot-still-made from cane juice (of course).Registered in England Wales.For a 45 ABV rhum, the 1975 was quite soft to smell, more so than the 1986. It was a dark amber rhum, issued at a solid 58, and the nosewell, all I can say it was great.It opened with juicy pears and white guavas, fennel and the faint lemony twist of a good cumin.The 1980 Chantal Comte decimated the 1977, and now the 1975 Trois Rivieres is not as good as the 1986.The Trois Rivières 1986 shows the fallacy of such uncritical thinking.Yet, even within the small independent world of Veliers, Compagnie des Indies, Duncan Taylors, Rum Nations, Moon Imports and Samarolis, there are occasional bright shining stars that amaze and awe us with the sheer brilliance of their creations. But in that case, why not say it is a très-vieux, or XO?

 Which may be one reason why I thought the 1986 rhum was better than this one from eleven years earlier.